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Flu shots

A full supply of 2019 Government funded influenza vaccinations have arrived and are available daily via our walk in flu clinic or regular appointments. It’s always a good idea to get flu shots coming into the winter months

Childhood Immunisations

There are a lot of myths,old wives tales and talk about these vaccinations. Before you decide for or against them, please inform yourself about the pros and cons of vaccinating your children. There has been a decline in vaccine-preventable diseases over time, but theses diseases are on the increase due to children not being vaccinated and also from visitors from overseas where vaccinations are not readily available. We have had a measles outbreak over the last 12 months in Queensland because of overseas visitors. Measles is one of the most severe and highly infectious diseases of childhood. It remains a… Read more »

What is Coordinated Veterans Care?

The team at Healthcare Plus Medical CentreĀ are committed to providing the best level of care for our patients. With this in mind we would like to offer all our eligible veterans to become a participant in our Coordinated Veterans care Program What is the Coordinated Veterans Care (CVC) Program and how do I benefit from the program? The CVC program will help you and your Doctor improve the management of your health, especially with regard to preventative care, chronic disease management and care planning. The CVC planning involves a detailed look at your physical, psychological and social needs to devise… Read more »