CASA Aviation Medicals

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casa aviation medicals Healthcare Plus Medical Centre Dr Stephen Windley

Dr Stephen Windley is a registered medical examiner with CASA


Class 1 or 3 Aviation Medicals                       $242 (inc GST)
Depending on your age, CASA requires extra testing:
* Electrocardiogram (ECG)                        $38.50 (inc GST)
* Audiometry (Hearing test)                       $38.50 (inc GST)
* Spirometry (Lung function test)              $38.50 (inc GST)
* Blood tests          Referred to external pathology company

Class 2 Aviation Medicals                       $181.50 (inc GST)

Testing requires about an hour, please let reception know when booking
so that we can allocate the time between nurse & doctors

 Aviation medicals casa Healthcare Plus Medical Centre Dr Stephen Windley


Further information on CASA examination requirements from their website
CASA Examination requirements

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