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Dr Jovi James

Jovina was born, raised and educated in Sydney. She graduated from Sydney University in 2010 and worked in Sydney and rural NSW before she and her husband saw the light and moved to Queensland. They have lived and worked all over SEQ and are happily settled in Brisbane now, with their three beautiful children.

Jovi completed her GP training in 2019 and genuinely loves the breadth and variety of general practice. From children to the elderly, chronic disease to acute sickness, she finds each patient experience rewarding and an opportunity to learn. Her goal is always to take a holistic approach to every patient, mind body and soul. Her own children have special needs so she has a particular affinity to the experience of families with special needs. She likes to think she speaks fluent Spanish.

Aside from karaoke-quality singing (much protested by her children), Jovi loves running and ocean swimming. Her greatest dream is to swim between all the Croatian islands, but for now she’s happiest splashing her children in the pool.

Jovi is currently on maternity leave.